Tinkoff-Saxo suspend Riis

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Tinkoff-Saxo suspend Riis

Tinkoff-Saxo has announced that team manager Bjarne Riis has been suspended, but denied the move was because of a lack of results.

Riis is one of the subjects of an investigation into past doping practices in his native Denmark, having belatedly admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during a career which included victory in the 1996 Tour de France.

Rumours surfaced on Sunday that Riis had been suspended due to poor results by Tinkoff-Saxo owner Oleg Tinkov.

Bjarne Riis is one of the subjects of an investigation into past doping practices in his native Denmark

Bjarne Riis is one of the subjects of an investigation into past doping practices in his native Denmark

The 50-year-old had been named as sporting director for Sunday’s Milan-San Remo one-day race, but then was not present.

Tuesday’s statement read: “Tinkoff-Saxo would like to clarify that Bjarne Riis has not been actively involved in the team’s activities since last Sunday.

“However, TRAVESTIS LISBOA he was not suspended of his active role because of lack of results nor for financial issues.

“The team management has full confidence in the technical and performance team, in all the riders and staff members and is currently working to establish the best way forward in the racing season.

“No decisions have been taken and any formal and final decision on any team member – if taken – shall be communicated at the appropriate time.Until then there will be no further comments on this matter.”

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