Best Chinese Food Catering Services Singapore

Best Chinese Food Catering Services Singapore

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Best Chinese Food Catering Services Singapore

Check out our
Online Menu
or call us today to order your favourite dishes!

Our ONLINE MENU is available to make your ordering fast, easy and

Click here to check out our prices and options.

As one of the most popular and experienced catering companies in Singapore, Ronnie Kitchen offers sumptuous meals and Chinese dishes to satiate your appetite.

Simply select a menu and choose a selection of your favourite dishes
for your wonderful event! After your online order has been placed
successfully, our food caterers will give you a call to facilitate a quick and easy
delivery of your chosen food items in Singapore. As one of the leading catering companies in Singapore, we are the food caterers you can trust. Rest assured that when you choose Ronnie Kitchen, you can enjoy tasty and mouth-watering dishes as well as excellent and swift services.

For inquiries or to place an order over the phone, please do not
hesitate to call us at the numbers available on our Contact Us page. Our friendly customer services team will be in touch.

Ronnie Kitchen’s Licence No is NW09387L000.

GST Registration NO: 202005994Z.

Order Now: +65 67531003


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