Big Tech are Big Copycat !

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Big Techs are Big Copycats, they copy each other shamelessly and aggressively !

Big Tech are Big Copycat

First I noticed facebook as copycat , whenever twitter takes a notable position by developing it’s feature, theme, etc. facebook also were following twitter by adding/improving their follow button ! Whenever pinterest algorithm works fine all modify their own algorithm like pinterest ! While tiktok sees some successes with short videos , youtube’s short and instagram’s reel are just copycat try of tiktok, even meta trying copycat of tiktok in their metaverse as well. Recent big success of Instagram and Linkedin are nothing but the result of their copycat stuff ! For Big success Big Techs copy each other shamelessly !

Now if you eyes on search engine , you see bing is a shameless copycat of google , in fact entire microsoft were acted just like a copycat of google at their developing phase, bing search, bing ad , bing news all are copycat – there are nothing new ! Same for even amazon, amazon product ad is a copycat of google adsense ! So all American Big Techs are copying each other notably and shamelessly while Chinese or Russian Big Techs try to make something new or unique – Russian Yandex or Chinese Baidu are the examples – they are unique and try to unify or merge but they are not just copycat !

*I dont know why copyright is ignored in copycat ? personally once I felt there should be/must be copyright notice(for tech patent ) from google to microsoft while microsoft’s bing were just copycatting google search algorithm, crawling pattern or strategy ! but google didn’t do that as the law or action is still may be abstract in this regard ! anyway being a platforms owner/developer I also take advantage of copycat and I feel that copycat is a Big Game in Big Tech industry – all Big Techs even apple, spacex etc. take the advantage of own copycat to develop product line up or prototype line up – which is why you see very few/less changes in iphone/ipad’s newer version – they just copycats older to newer with a new hype and wrap up , same for spacex – you see starlinks line up and launches every month or twice in a month as they are not developing new prototype , they just copycatting prototype – in space science prototype develop is a year long massive job – so no way to launch every month without copycat !

I’m not ended up yet, let me focus a bit on ‘Big Game‘, In fact, Copycat is more Bigger Game than you’re thinking so far ! I’m explaining how Big it is: If China or Russia makes a quantum super computer today , they can hack facebook and clone it in few seconds and rebrands facebook as ‘Chinabook’ or ‘Russiabook’ tomorrow , i.e. facebook is no more an American Big Tech rather it’s a Chinese or Russian Big Tech now ! Yes, it cd be happened, and you won’t need to be surprised if you see or hear it next morning as I’ve informed you it before ! But you must obey now that Copycat is a Superpower !

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