Reading Comprehension – Free Worksheets

Reading Comprehension – Free Worksheets

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Reading Comprehension – Free Worksheets

Reading Comprehension – Free Worksheets

RHL School - Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension


More than a Halloween theme: Where Monsters Can Grow

Reading Comprehension Volume 12

Published on:

10/26/11Word Meanings From Context

09/22/11All That Glitters

05/20/11Troubling Words


03/13/11From Outer Space

01/31/11Vitamin D

01/12/11Madison and Carson

01/03/11Drawing Conclusions

12/12/10Vocabulary – Context

11/29/10Texting Trolls

11/21/10Vocabulary – Context

11/18/10Vocabulary – Context

11/08/10Feathers and Gas

11/01/10Drawing Conclusions

10/04/10A Lucky Coin

09/26/10Word Meanings From Context

Where Monsters Can Grow

Reading Comprehension Volume 11:

02/24/10Number 10, What Is the Topic?

02/21/10Number 9, Word Meanings From Context

01/29/10Number 8, Sports Quotes

01/26/10Number 7, Quotations

01/22/10Number 6, Quotations

01/09/10Number 5, Quotes of Martin Luther King, Jr.

01/05/10Number 4, Thought Provoking Words

12/18/09Number 3, The New Domino’s Arrives

12/11/09Number 2, Poetry by Tennyson

11/02/09Number 1, Science News

Reading Comprehension Volume 10:

11/21/08Number 1, Word Meanings From Context

Reading Comprehension Volume 9:

10/13/04Number 2, Word Meanings From Context

09/10/04Number 1, Word Meanings From Context

Reading Comprehension Volume 8:

09/15/03Number 4, Mr. El and the Princess

04/08/03Number 3, I Build Walls

03/05/03Number 2, The Leader

11/15/02Number 1, Half-Truths

Reading Comprehension Volume 7:

03/25/02Number 5, Pizza and Comprehension

01/15/02Number 4, Dog Face

11/19/01Number 3, Thankful to Know

10/23/01Number 2, Word Meanings From Context

10/16/01Number 1, Our Heritage: American!



Wayward Paws, Inc.

Wayward Paws is a no-kill shelter run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

Reading Comprehension Volume 6:

03/05/01Number 16, Word Meanings From Context

01/22/01Number 15, Word Meanings From Context

01/12/00Number 14, Using Context – Antonyms

12/14/00Number 13, All Around the Christmas Tree

12/07/00Number 12, Using Context – Synonyms

11/27/00Number 11, Word Meanings From Context

11/13/00Number 10, Word Meanings From Context

11/06/00Number 9, Who Elects the President?

10/30/00Number 8, How Television Has Changed

10/23/00Number 7, Contributing to the Main Idea

10/16/00Number 6, Political Polls

10/10/00Number 5, Did I Ever Stop?, Poem

10/02/00Number 4, Main Idea

09/25/00Number 3, Using Inference

09/18/00Number 2, Word Meanings From Context

09/11/00Number 1, A Little Advice



Reading Comprehension, Volume 5:

06/05/00Number 32, Word Meanings From Context

05/22/00Number 31, The Painting

05/15/00Number 30, Word Meanings From Context

05/08/00Number 29, Charity, Poem

05/01/00Number 28, Word Meanings From Context

04/24/00Number 27, Mysteries

04/03/00Number 26, As I Awake, Poem

03/27/00Number 25, Democracy and Freedom

03/20/00Number 24, Modest Requirements

03/13/00Number 23, Martin’s St. Patrick’s Day

03/06/00Number 22, Word Meanings From Context

02/28/00Number 21, Word Meanings From Context

02/14/00Number 20, Word Meanings From Context

02/07/00Number 19, You, Poem

01/31/00Number 18, Word Meanings in Context – Antonyms

01/24/00Number 17, Winter Heat

01/18/00Number 16, Word Meanings From Context – Synonyms

01/10/00Number 15, Word Meanings From Context

01/03/00Number 14, The Presidential Campaign

12/05/99Number 13, Memories, Poem

11/29/99Number 12, Word Meanings From Context

11/15/99Number 11, Campaign Finance Reform

11/08/99Number 10, Simple Math

11/01/99Number 9, Fashion Blues

10/25/99Number 8, Word Meanings From Context

10/18/99Number 7, Thank You Sincerely, Poem

10/12/99Number 6, Treasure, Part IV

10/04/99Number 5, Treasure, Part III

09/27/99Number 4, Treasure, Part II

09/20/99Number 3, Treasure, Part I

09/13/99Number 2, Word Meanings From Context

09/07/99Number 1, The Idea

Reading Comprehension, Volumes 1 – 4


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