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By Humeyra Pamuk and David BrunnstromWASHINGTON (Reuters) -Senior U.S. officials on Tuesday pledged sustained support for India in helping it
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Andrew Hoyle/CNET The iPhone 11 Pro packed a seriously impressive triple rear camera. It took such great shots in fact
Flight makes emergency landing after unruly passenger tries to breach cockpit The American Eagle flight traveling from Jacksonville, Florida, to
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Notice and Agreement Regarding Consent to Use Electronic Signatures and Recordsn

To use electronic signatures and receive documents electronically in connection with your use of thisnplatform (Platform), you must read and consent to the terms outlined in this document, which requirenyour ability to access and retain electronic Documents. This eConsent, if you provide it,napplies to your use of the Platform on any Access Device, including a desktop, laptop, tablet,nmobile, or other electronic device, and to any Document we provide to you in electronic form. If you provideneConsent, we will be able to provide electronic Documents to you within this Platform, in other portals, and/ornthrough other methods we may use for delivery of electronic Documents.nn

Please note these additional definitions: We, our, andnus means your lender and its affiliates, successors, and assignees.nYou and your means the person providing this eConsent, authorizednsigner, authorized representative, delegate, and/or service user. Documents may includenmessages, notices, disclosures, consents, authorizations, acknowledgments, and terms and conditions, whether requirednby law or otherwise.nn

Scope of your eConsentnn

We must, due to legal and other requirements, provide you with certain Documents in writing. In addition, you maynneed to sign certain Documents. Your eConsent will apply to all of the Documents transmitted, received,ndelivered, and/or signed by you and by us in connection with your use of this Platform.nn

Right to have a paper version of your Documentsnn

We are required to give you certain Documents “in writing.” This means you are entitled to receive a paper versionnof the Documents. While we may provide Documents to you electronically with your prior consent, you are not requirednto provide eConsent. If you do not provide eConsent, we will deliver a paper version of the Documents to you by mailnor in person, and you will have to receive, transmit, and sign a paper version of the Documents.nn

If you provide eConsent, your Documents will be delivered electronically so that you can access the Documentsnand retain them for future access. The Documents will be accessible electronicallynuntil the closing of any loan you obtain in connection with your use of this Platform or until you are no longernactive on this Platform. If you want to ensure that you continue to have access to the Documents, you must saventhem onto an Access Device or external storage device.nn

Note that you have the right to receive a paper version of your Documents, even if you have provided eConsent andnwe deliver the Documents within the Platform. You may have to pay a fee for a paper version unless charging a fee isnprohibited by applicable law. If you want a paper version of the Documents, you may request this by contacting yournloan representative. In addition, we may, at any time, in our sole discretion, provide younwith or require you to use a paper version of the Documents, even if you have provided eConsent.nn

Right to withdraw your eConsentnn

If you have provided eConsent, you have the right to withdraw your eConsent at any time and instead receive a papernversion of your Documents. If you decide to withdraw your eConsent, do so by contacting your loan representative.nYour eConsent withdrawal will become effective after we have had a reasonable opportunity to act upon it.nn

Obligation to update your email address nn

You must provide us with your own valid and current email address where you can receive email, access hyperlinks,nand access electronic Documents. You must ensure that we always have your valid and current email address, even ifnyou have provided eConsent and we deliver your Documents electronically. To update your email address or otherncontact information, contact us.nn

Hardware and software requirementsnn

Before providing eConsent, you must ensure that the hardware and software of any Access Device(s) you use meet thenrequirements below:nn


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