Donetsk Republic shelled – ‘Evacuate to Russia now!’ (full show)

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Donetsk Republic shelled – ‘Evacuate to Russia now!’ (full show)

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The self-proclaimed Republic of Donetsk is evacuating citizens to Russia after reports of shelling from the Ukrainian military. This as Russian president Putin meets with Belarusian president Lukashenko and US secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is in Poland to meet with Duda. During the meeting between Putin and Lukashenko, Putin repeated to members of the press that Russia’s concerns have yet to be addressed by the US and NATO. RT’S Roman Kosarav gives us the latest (1:10) Then, Pulitzer Prize winning writer and host of On Contact Chris Hedges and former UK MP George Galloway join a panel to discuss. (7:15) This week – a major victory for newly minted VA governor Glenn Youngkin, who just beat the school boards who took him to court – for wanting to continue masking students age 2 and up — despite the governor signing an executive order on Day One – after his inauguration. This court victory – gave way to Youngkin signing into law SB 739 — which prohibits school boards and districts from numerous COVID-19 mandates, including masking. Parents in Virginia are fighting tooth and nail to unmask their kids. One of those parents – Clint Thomas – joins In Question to discuss. (14:45)

01:10 Russia and Ukraine
07:15 Chris Hedges Discuss
14:45 Virginia Masks Mandates End

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