Mohandas Pai is all for ban on Chinese apps & here’s why

Mohandas Pai is all for ban on Chinese apps & here’s why

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“Today, when we start using an app, we sign away all our rights. Nobody reads that long document and we sign away all the rights including their right to sell our data. They can do what they want and that should be illegal because the Supreme Court decided about the right to privacy for everybody,” says TV Mohandas Pai, Chairman, Aarin Capital Partners

India has banned more than 270 apps. The new list primarily targets those apps that had been banned and have resurfaced. Almost two years after the entire theme of banning apps started including the incredibly popular TikTok, do we still need these bans?
I think we need this ban and it is good news that the government has banned them because the Chinese circumvent earlier bans and start coming out with new versions, etc. China has got a firewall. They do not allow outside apps into their digital world. There is no reason why India should be an open space for the Chinese to come and do what they want.

In the case of the US and in the free world, at least our apps have entries and that is what we should promote instead of being in an one-sided relationship with a country which shuts us out. Second, in major Chinese companies, the Communist Party has taken a position and moved out the founders. I think ByteDance, Tencent, Alibaba, etc have been taken over by the Chinese Communist Party. There is a total government control and takeover and that means the way the data resides, what they do, how they do, is a part of espionage, is it part of something that we will never know and that’s why we have to be very careful.

Third, many of these apps in the finance area are predatory, charging exorbitant interest rates using all kinds of strong arm practice and are abusive. They do not conform to any norms. So, the best thing the government can do is to ban them. Remember before the first ban, 60% of our digital territory was occupied by China. It is time that every country in the world looks to defend this digital territory in a manner which is free, which makes sure there is fair competition and they adhere to regulation. With the Chinese apps, we could not and so it is very good news.

So you are all for the bans on apps from China. Are you against it because these apps are Chinese?

Are you against these apps because they are Chinese or because these apps also allegedly read our phones, our data, record our SIM cards and then store all of that data, not in India but within Chinese borders or wherever the services are?
First, they are Chinese and because being Chinese has a certain connotation. Second, because of the data issue. China is very different from the United States and on the data issue, has a similar policy for all the apps. I hope we get a law which says our data will reside in India. We will have access to it. We will own the data and the government can access it at any point of time as sovereign power in this country and no other foreign government can access it.

One may be very surprised that all your data in the US apps is accessed by NSA of the United States. They have full access to it. They know what you are doing, where you are going, etc. So the next step is a law where all our data resides in India, is under the control of the Indian government and no foreign government has access to it.

The Free Fire ban is official. Free Fire is so popular that it is not going to go down well with the youngsters that want to play it. So is ban always the right way to go or should one be given an opportunity to fix the data issues, not read our sim cards, not duplicate our data?
You cannot fix anything with the Chinese because the companies do not decide, please understand. Somebody else behind the company decides unlike in the United States or the western powers. So one cannot play with the Chinese like that. Young people are upset? So be it. I do not think they understand the repercussions of what they are getting into. They are very young. We have an obligation in this country to take care of the rights of everybody and the government is answerable to the law and to parliament.

All of us should be very clear in our mind that what is being done to China or with China is what China does to you. They do not allow you in their market. None of our apps are there. They have a firewall. They shut you out. So there is a connotation and China has to be treated very differently from other countries in the world.

We had seen a ban on PUBG for example even though it was not Korean though it was being distributed by the Chinese publisher Tencent. Now we have this immensely popular Battlegrounds Mobile India. It has become a big e-sporting event and it is probably going to be back this year as that has not been banned. Is there a message that one can be in India but change your publisher?
Change the publisher is a good thing because the publisher is different. You can talk to the publisher and you can do an audit to see where the data resides, what has to be done and if they will be amenable to Indian law. I am sure the Koreans will be amenable to Indian law. We saw what Korea did because of that Hyundai matter. They should be amenable to Indian law. Sovereignty of India, the right of the Indian state or its citizens, the right to protect and the duty to protect Indian citizens is paramount. The United States does that. Europe does that. They have their own data protection law. So we should follow similar standards. There is talk of free internet; but free for whom?

In India, we must be very clear in our mind that data of all Indian citizens within the boundary of India should reside in India. Copies can be outside and that is possible by technology and it has happened for data on payments done by the RBI. They said it is not possible but it is possible, they have done it elsewhere. Two, it must belong to us and not to that company. Today, when we start using an app, we sign away all our rights. Nobody reads that long document and we sign away all the rights including their right to sell our data. They can do what they want and that should be illegal because the Supreme Court decided about the right to privacy for everybody.

Thirdly, we should have the ability to enforce our rights in India. If the data resides outside, how can one enforce the rights in India because data is outside and they will refuse to do it. No court can issue an order against them to submit the data. Fourth, no foreign government should have access to our data without our permission. The NSA can access all the data in the United States by law. They can subpoena, get all the data.

We got to be very careful and that is why we need a law in this country. I hope parliament passes the law and the law should be very clear and be based on these founding principles because our rights and the protection of law is important for every Indian citizen in the digital world.


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