America’s largest online mili-vet Personnel Registry

America’s largest online mili-vet Personnel Registry

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People, History, Events, Reunions, History, Units, Information Sharing…
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A Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) — African American Mili/Vets

Air Force/Service — Airborne, Paratrooper, Sky Soldiers

All Things US Military — American Veterans (AmVets)

Army Service — Australian Military — Books, Plays, Scripts, Stage

Brat/Military Dependent — Cadet, ROTC, Military Trainee

Canadian Military — Chaplains, Military — Coast Guard

Cold War — Combat Medical Personnel — Disabled Veterans

Draft (Military Conscription) Issues

Election 2000: A Veteran in the White House

Filipino Veterans — Friendly Fire Research

Gulf War/Region — Helicopter Pilots and Crews — Holocaust Research

Homeless Veterans issues — Homosexuality and the Military

Honor/Color Guards — Identifying Military/Veteran Imposters

International Military News — Japanese American Veterans

Jewish American Veterans — Judge Advocate General – Military Law

Korean War — Latin American Mili/Vets

Legion of American Veterans (American Legion) Info Exchange

Marines Service — Medals and Awards

Medics, Military and VA Nursing — Memorials, Military

Merchant Marine — Military Unit and Ship History Preservation

Native American Military Service — Naval Service

Nursing, Military — Obituaries — Op Just Cause – Panama

Op Over Here: Bring all Americans Home — Prisoners of War

PTSD — Recruiting, Military — Reserves and National Guard

Retired Military — Revolutionary War

Senior Service Corps (A Second Chance to Serve)

Spouse (Military mates) — Submarine Service

Substance Use/Abuse in the Military — Terrorism Concerns

US Civil War — Veterans Issues — Vietnam War

War Correspondents/Photo Journalists — War Crimes

War Movies — War of 1812 — War Orphans

Women In The Service — World War I/II… and more.

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