Blackwater | Full Action Survival Movie

Blackwater | Full Action Survival Movie

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Blackwater | Full Action Survival Movie

***This film is under non-exclusive license from Shoreline Entertainment. All rights reserved***

Blackwater – Four big-city girlfriends on an adventure vacation in the Florida Everglades look forward to fun and excitement in one of the world’s most legendary wilds.But what begins as the annual girls getaway they’ll always remember descends into a terrifying nightmare they’ll never forget when they become the prey of a depraved backwater clan who know they have the girls right where they want them… alone and defenseless.Overpowered and on the run, all the friends have is each other as they’re forced deeper and deeper into the Glades to face a horrifying test of courage that pushes them to the edge. And they confront just how far they must go to survive.

Stars: Georgia Chris, Amy Simon, McCayne Blomberg

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