Tetris® 99 for the Nintendo Switch system – Official Site

Tetris® 99 for the Nintendo Switch system – Official Site

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Tetris® 99 for the Nintendo Switch system – Official Site

Tetris® 99 Basics

  • In Tetris 99, your goal is to rotate and move falling blocks called Tetriminos to complete horizontal lines. Completed lines disappear, clearing space for more Tetriminos, which fall faster and faster.

    Attack other players by sending Garbage Blocks their way! These Garbage Blocks will fill up their screens, making it harder to clear lines.

  • As you knock out your opponents, you’ll earn K.O. Badges. The more badges you have, the higher your attack power.

  • Tetris 99 Trailer

    Put your speed and strategy to the test and see if you have what it takes to be number 1!

Ready for a challenge?


Tetris 99 Trailer

Take on the best of the best. This is an online battle mode for players who have achieved at least one TETRIS® MAXIMUS victory.

Daily Missions

Tetris 99 Trailer

By clearing daily missions, you can acquire tickets and exchange them for a variety of themes.

More Player Icons

Tetris 99 Trailer

Showcase your accomplishments with a new icon.

Team Battle

Tetris 99 Trailer

Up to four teams can fight for the top spot, and the team with the last player standing wins. XP points are awarded to present players once teams are ranked, so stick around to collect your earnings.

How to battle

You can manually select who to attack or choose from four different ways to target automatically, so you can mix things up during your game.

  • This will target players who are already close to being defeated. Ouch! It’s a great way to earn K.O. Badges, though.

  • Attack players with the most K.O. Badges. Knock out the player, and you’ll get their K.O. Badges for yourself! Just watch out for those counter attacks.

  • Go after players who are attacking you. If multiple players are aiming your way, it’ll counter attack them all at once.

  • Randomly choose opponents to attack. This could make you less likely to be targeted for counter attacks.

Tetris® 99 DLC

Get additional modes for Tetris® 99  as they are released with the one-time purchase of this DLC.* Game modes included are:

CPU Battle

Play Tetris® 99  offline against 98 CPU players.


Tetris 99 Marathon Gameplay

Challenge yourself in this offline mode to clear the most lines and score big.

Local Arena

Tetris 99 Trailer

Get up to eight friends together for a local battle!

2P Share Battle

Tetris 99 Trailer

Share Joy-Con™ controllers for a two-player game against each other and the CPU!


Get the game

Battle online* today with your
Nintendo Switch Online membership!

Retail version

Get the game, all DLC as it is released, and a one-year Nintendo Switch Online membership in one package.

Available now

Digital version

Nintendo Switch Online members can download for free from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

Not a member? Sign up today and start playing Tetris® 99 for free!

Learn more and sign up

Online events

The Tetris 99® 15th MAXIMUS CUP has now ended. Check back soon for news about the next event!


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